Cuhmanubiana cuhmanubiana

CUHMANUBIANA –CDR. Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset plays sacred temple music. 3 drone sessions from the late hours recording our albums, mixed and arranged into one album ...

Creation VI is a Russian-Ukrainian project from the new wave of drone music. Started in 2006, the project has released many works on net-labels, cassettes and CD-Rs, both as solo and as joint efforts with many other musicians. The project members Tim Six and Aloe also run their own label ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ … Ugasanie is the alias of Pavel Malyshkin from Vitebsk, Belarus. He also has a decent luggage of published works including several albums on the highly acclaimed dark ambient label Cryo Chamber .

Their collaboration disc "Birds of Naukan" is dedicated to the so-called "Whales Alley" - a big ancient Eskimos sanctuary in Chukotka, built from huge bones of the Greenland whales. The album investigates the sacral nature of interaction between man and the world in rituals where the very essence of human intention merges with the information field of the Earth. The musicians use shaman's drum, vargan (mouth harp), throat singing, singing bowls, synthesizers and percussion, carefully crafting ritualistic dark / drone ambient compositions.

The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 80 copies in a sleeve of designer cardboard. First 20 copies come as collector's edition with special handmade artwork from the ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label!

Cuhmanubiana CuhmanubianaCuhmanubiana CuhmanubianaCuhmanubiana CuhmanubianaCuhmanubiana Cuhmanubiana